Vegie Pancakes (Gluten Free/Vegan/Vegetarian)

378 Ready to eat - Vege Pancakes

This is not a full nutritional recipe as it is made with left overs, throw togethers or whatever is available to harvest at the time. It is more of a filler than a feast!

Quick, Healthy Meal Idea – Vegetable Pancakes with Chickpea Batter

Chop up 4 cups of a mix of seasonal vegetables – (we used Broccoli leaves, Kohl Rabi and leaves, Carrot, Celery, Chinese Cabbage, Silverbeet, Red Onion, Spring Onion, Turnip & Kale).

376 Chopped up vege from the garden for dinner

Mix up 1 cup Chickpea Flour and half a cup of Plant Milk of your choice into a batter.

Add 2 tsps. of Orgran No Egg (or other egg substitute.)

Season as desired, with Salt, Pepper, Curry Powder, Ginger, Garlic, mixed Indian Spices etc., mix well and pour into vegetables.

226 Add some chickpea batter and hey presto!

Mix well again, until all the vegetables are coated with the batter mix.

Put spoonfuls into hot pan with Coconut Oil and cook until golden brown, then flip and cook other side.

377 Vege Pancakes in the pan

Serve with homemade Chilli Sauce (recipe coming soon).

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2 thoughts on “Vegie Pancakes (Gluten Free/Vegan/Vegetarian)

    • Thank you, yes they are. One of our favourite “Fast Foods”! It’s a good one to use when you have all sorts of stuff you have picked out of the garden, but not enough of any one thing to make a whole dinner with it. 🙂

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