Welcome to all fellow travelers, journeying through life on this precious planet – which has been entrusted to our care…

“Garden to Kitchen” with Suz, is the continuing story of our own journey to practice sustainable, self-sufficient living on 1/4 acre in the south of NZ. My husband and I, share our property, (which we have affectionately named ‘GardEden’), with 2 SPCA rescue cats and a huge collection of predator insects that patrol our totally organic gardens. The main reason we embarked on this lifestyle, was to live a healthier life, while impacting less on the environment. Despite a few major near disasters, including an unseasonal storm destroying our brand new greenhouse  (just 2 weeks after spending a whole week putting it up), within only 9 months of moving to our property and working on helping it provide for us, we have been almost 100% successful with our gardens. We are now at the point that we hardly ever buy something, unless we can’t grow it, make it, borrow it or recycle it!

215 The newest Beans are really taking off now, climbing to the sky!379 Great way to use vege - cook up a Roast Vege Salad & make Garlic Aioli to go with it

I will be blogging ongoing, about trialling new crops, self-sufficient/lifestyle successes and failures, the gardens, our harvests, new recipes, fermenting, natural health & herbal remedies, among other things! I am passionate about living a holistic life, gardening, cooking, fermenting, herbs, wholefoods, veganism, reading, writing, creating and living a thankful life to the full – every day, while walking in The Way. I am thrilled that you have found me, and thank you for following me – if that is what you choose to do. Be blessed in all you do, Suz


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  1. Hello Suz! Thank you so much for following my blog! I’ve really enjoyed yours so far and I truly admire you for being self sustained! That’s a feat that I hope to one day master! I look forward to reading more from you ❤ 🙂


    • Thank you! We had a “dream” to be self-sufficient for a few years, but I think it may have honestly stayed a dream if my husband had not lost his job just after we bought the property. Work is scarce here, so we really had no option but to make it work to support ourselves, and we have been really enjoying the challenges, as it is so satisfying! 🙂

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      • That’s why everything happens for a reason I guess! This life you’re living now was needed at that time of your life. So things fell into place to support that life. You’re right, being able to live off the land and grow your own food is so rewarding! I just have a little raised bed but it makes me so happy 😊

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