What to grow in cold/cooler areas:

Cold hardy/frost tolerant vegetables for cold seasons anywhere Deep South:
NOTE: Some of these only like to be grown in the frost, others will just tolerate it.

You may be bemoaning the fact that you live in a cold/cooler area, but make the most of it, celebrate it! Grow things that others can’t. There is nothing worse than being in the blazing sun and not being even able to grow a lettuce in summer, lol.

29 A great haul of garlic!31 The whole Garlic haul - 30 bulbs picked out of 50 planted33 Gigantic Garli bulb - taking up nearly all my hand! 130 The biggest Broccoli is also almost ready to pick123 Krackin' Kohl Rabi!     124 Kohl Rabi cleaned and prepped111 Cauliflower getting bigger! 127 The MOST amazing Savoy Cabbage I have ever grown...92 First picking of new Peas!142 The BEST Celery I have ever grown!146 First crop of Rainbow Carrots

Most of these plants below will do well in spring, autumn AND winter (and some in summer also), so plant them now, unless they are winter specific – this is marked:

Broad Beans (only flowers frost tender, like cooler weather)
Broccoli (dislikes summer heat)
Brussel Sprouts (only grow in cool – but take long time, so plant early)
Cabbage – esp. Asian varieties (Savoy does best in Winter)
Carrot (as long as tops protected)
Cauliflower (dislikes too much heat)
Celery (under cover)
Chinese Cabbage/Chinese Greens
Collards (handle extreme hot AND cold)
Florence Fennel (likes cool, but protect from frost)
Garlic (plant longest day OR later, it doesn’t really matter as long as its in by spring)
Kale (taste sweeter after frost)
Kohl Rabi (plant early enough for bulb to form before freezing weather)
Leeks (can overwinter in the garden)
Mesclun (Make sure they are “Winter” Greens) and esp. Mustard does really well
Miners Lettuce/Corn Salad
Onion (check variety – some can overwinter as long as it does not freeze)
Parsley (one of the MOST cold hardy plants on earth)
Parley Bartowich – rooted parsley (also tolerates cold)
Parsnip (taste sweeter after frost – so best in Winter)
Peas (as long as flowers are protected)
Radish (European Winter types)
Rocket (under cover)
Silverbeet/Swiss Chard (Silverbeet is less cold hardy than Spinach)
Spinah (Very cold hardy)
Swede (Frost hardy/Winter only)
Turnip (Grow year round in cool areas)

[MUSHROOMS – also grow well when its not hot, and even when it is cold.] http://www.mushroomgourmet.co.nz/index.php/grow-kits

And don’t forget the citrus! Meyer lemon is extremely cold tolerant, but you will need to protect it from the frosts. We grow all our citrus on a sheltered porch in the sun:
388 Lemons ripening up

** Remember that some varieties may not be best suited to the harsh growing conditions so check before buying/planting. Also, if you have a more sheltered or warmer micro-climate, or covered cloches and gardens, you will be able to grow far more than those listed above. Also a greenhouse if it is in your budget, is invaluable.

I have also found this really great site which I thoroughly recommend reading; it is American yes, but the only difference is they use F but then the danger point is -31C which is colder than most of NZ ever gets, so most cold tolerant plants are ok here. https://www.botanicalinterests.com/articles/view/26/Frost-Tolerance-of-Vegetables

Enjoy your growing adventures, and please remember to share them with me if you have found my blog inspirational! Don’t forget to check out my facebook page too, it has the same name as my blog.
Peace, Suz.

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