The last month in the garden… spring has sprung!

So much for posting every week – I have had no computer for nearly a month now. I will do a catch up blog post of what has been happening in the gardens since then.

We have thankfully had an amazing spring so far. We have had some severe frosts yes, but we have also had a lot of warm sunny weather and so the plants are growing very well, but then so are all the ‘weeds’ too, or as I call them – plants that are in the wrong place… I always say this: “I do not have weeds, I only have plants that I don’t know how to use yet!”

The seeds I had planted so far are doing well and some are already planted out now. IMG_7615IMG_7726

The Broad Beans we planted before last winter basically stopped growing over winter, so this year we decided to wait until spring to plant them. They are now the same size already as the last years ones were at the same time, even though they had been planted out months earlier. So we have decided it is definitely better for us to not bother growing them over the winter months in our very cold climate here. As we were set to have very strong winds the day after planting out the new season’s Broad Beans in the garden, I tied up sacking all along the fence-line with wire twisties, to make a wind-break (below right). I am happy to say that it has worked!
IMG_7806 IMG_7887

There are now more seeds/seedlings up and nearly ready to plant out:
IMG_7871 IMG_7910

Elsewhere in the garden, the last of the winter crops are finishing up and are nearly ready to be taken out/dug in to make room for the new spring planting…

And the new spring growth and new plants are poking up their heads, which is always an exciting time! I have Strawberry flowers already, which is great…
IMG_7760 IMG_7890 IMG_7891IMG_7892

Harvested this week:
– 1 bowl of Brussel Sprouts and Kohl Rabi leaves
– 1 bowl Chinese Cabbage
– 1 bowl Sprouting Broccoli and Cauliflower
– 1 bowl of mixed Kale
– 1 bunch Carrot and Bartowich Parsley thinnings
– 1 bunch Celery
IMG_7882 IMG_7883
bb ba
IMG_7780 IMG_7783 IMG_7784 IMG_7787

And to finish off – we have a new greenhouse, well at the time of this photo we did, but we are not sure it will still be there in the morning as we have gale force winds. Unfortunately, our original greenhouse smashed to pieces in a similar storm about the same time as this last year, so we are more than hoping this one stands up:

As always, wherever you garden and whatever you grow, wishing you all the best, Suz

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