The last 2 weeks in the garden:

The last two weeks in the garden have certainly been better than the month previous for harvesting, but the gardens still have not been producing as much as we hoped:IMG_7413

We have however, managed to harvest the following:
– 2 bunches of Broccoli Sprouts (purple & green)
– Brussel Sprouts Heads off the last of the plants
– plus Brussel Sprouts off the first plants
– bunches of Pak Choi (starting to go to seed)
– bunches of Tat Soi (going to seed and terribly frost damaged)
– some regrown heads of Misome
– Regrown baby heads of the previously cut Savoy Cabbages
– bunches of mixed Kale leaves
– Kohl Rabi leaves
– Celery stalks and leaves for soups
IMG_7443 IMG_7440 IMG_7430 IMG_7412 IMG_7409 IMG_7404 IMG_7403 IMG_7405

So, lots of purples and greens, but not much of anything else! I have still not been brave enough to dig up the Giant Orange & Belgium White Carrots or the Bartowich Parsley, as they seem to still be growing well, albeit very slowly. Maybe next time?!

The gardens themselves have picked up quite a bit in the last couple of weeks, as we have been having freezing (literally) cold nights of -0C and then warm sunny daytime temperatures of around 15C-20C with one day even reaching 25C here. I just left the frost covers on the plants as there was no rain or wind, so they have acted like little mini-green houses and the plants have now grown rather well.:)
IMG_7414 IMG_7415 IMG_7420IMG_7422 IMG_7421  IMG_7419 IMG_7418 IMG_7423 IMG_7425IMG_7424  IMG_7426 IMG_7431 IMG_7428IMG_7427
I have been managing to figure out when to put the frost cloth out on other nights when it is cloudy or has been raining or windy during the day, and only once did I miss doing it, but that was the most severe frost of them all, and that was all it took to kill the last of the Cauliflowers and kill off the Globe Artichokes I had been nursing since last autumn. It was also the final death knell for the last of the Misome too. But the new ones are coming along well, they are nearly ready to be pricked out into bigger pots and then placed into a freshly prepared spring bed in the garden. I will have to start all over again with the Globe Artichokes tho, and that pains me greatly.

However, even the Daffodils and Jonquils think that spring is on the way, and the other bulbs are pushing their way towards the light, more every day. All the old Strawberries are sprouting new leaves and trailing off new plants. The Lemon Tree has been a good producer this year, and still has more to come yet, so all is not lost. The early summer crop of Broad Beans are looking great, they are nearly all up and out of the soil and enjoying growing heavenward. I’ll post photos of them next time.
IMG_7437 IMG_7436  IMG_7434 IMG_7433

Once again, where ever you are and what ever you grow, do it well and enjoy yourself. Feel the sun and wind on your face and blowing your hair, and relish the feel of the soil on your fingertips. The earth is a gift, use it and its bounty wisely. 🙂

Peace and love, Suz

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