This Week In The Garden – snow, storms and more…

More disasters in the garden this week, this is turning out to be not a very good season at all:
– snow, hail, ice, storms, broken plants, blown over vegetables, hail damaged greens 😦


But thankfully some things did survive, and we did get a bit of a harvest:

This is what our garden provided this week  –

2x Tat Soi
2 handfuls of Pak Choi
3x Celery Stalks
1 HUGE piled up bowl of mixed Kale
2 bunches of Sprouting Broccoli & Cauliflower
1 bunch Collards
1 large bowl of Misome (Asian Greens)
2 handfuls of Blue Shelling Peas

So all was not lost, but it was still pretty devastating. I hope that wherever you are, you had a better weather week than us! The greens seem to be loving the cooler weather at least, and they are growing very well, as you can see from what we have managed to pick (above). Meanwhile, the winter salad greens are coming along nicely too:

Elsewhere around the gardens, things are ticking along nicely. I have nearly managed to remove all the dead and dying summer and autumn plants (some of which got caught out in unseasonably early frosts) and I have been very busy getting all the new winter vegies planted in their place. Now I just have to remember to feed them well too!

Unfortunately for some strange reason the rest of my photos won’t load, so when I get that figured out, I will update the post! Wherever you are and whatever weather you are having, I hope that your gardens are doing well :). Suz

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