Kashmir se Kanyakumari Tak – Dum Aloo (Potatoes)

I just love this recipe! Guess what we are having for dinner tonight?! All those in my Vegan family can just swap out the yoghurt for something plant based, I actually just used coconut cream and its delicious.

I hope you all enjoy my fellow bloggers recipe, we will be. 🙂

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Dum Aloo15

Everyone has heard about Punjabi Dum Aloo and Kashmiri Dum Aloo, In Punjabi style aloo’s are deep fried and made in gravy of onions and tomatoes where as in kashmiri style they use yogurt and lots of spices. My version has both infused so I decided to call it Kashmir se Kanyakumari tak, everyone can make it and eat it.. lol..

Aloo (Potatoes) are the most popular food in the whole wide world, be it in any form chips, mash, roast, baked or in curry. Everyone just loves it; kids too are fascinated with this not so good looking vegetable. In India itself the way potatoes are used would even amaze potatoes about its potential, no matter how much we explore, but we always find a new way to cook this vegetable.

Let’s get started, making this dish my style. In this version, I am not deep frying the potatoes…

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4 thoughts on “Kashmir se Kanyakumari Tak – Dum Aloo (Potatoes)

    • Lol… we sometimes joke we must be Indian in disguise as we love the food so much! We also love Thai & Chinese food as well, oh and Indonesian, and Turkish, Moroccan – anything but our own, lol!

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      • Haha!! Well, I can understand, being Caribbean we have different cultures there too.. So when we come to Western countries, we adapt to other cultures easier, as there are little similarities here and there.. Like eastern food!

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