This week in the garden:


It was another bad harvest this week for us: we lost most of our autumn crops to frost and there was another howling wind to smash up the few plants that had survived! Also, it has been so cold, the winter plants are growing very slowly. Not sure if you can see it, but below is our frosted/frozen grass and some bits of ice on my gloves! It will get very much worse than this yet, but it has certainly started early this year, and it caught us out with our crops. 😦

At least there was something left for us!
IMG_6569 IMG_6554 IMG_6553IMG_6540 IMG_6551


9 baby Mini-Me Lemons
1 Meyer Lemon
2 Jamaican Limes
1 Savoy Cabbage
1 handful of Blue Shelling Pea Pods
2 handfuls of baby Green Beans – the very last for this season
4 pods of Green Peas – also the very last for this season
1 large bowl of Misome (Asian Greens)
Bunch of Giant Chioggia (Chicory)
Bowl of Collard Greens
1 bunch of sprouting purple Broccoli
And a bowlful of sun-ripened Tomatoes – these were actually picked last week before the last storm hit, but they were not ready until this week, so I have included them here! We have only 1 more bowl full of tomatoes left 😦

Misome (Asian Greens) –

Giant Chioggia (Chicory) – and don’t be fooled by the blurb saying it is for animals, it is highly nutritious for humans and yummy too!

Blue Shelling Peas (the purple podded ones) –

Purple Sprouting Broccoli:
The summer one –
And the winter one –

This week in the garden, some things are looking up while others are coming down!

Here are some photos from before I picked the harvest…
IMG_6475 IMG_6474 IMG_6505IMG_6473IMG_6497

Time for the frost damaged plants to go:

Nearly time to put the sunflowers into bags to stop the birds pecking all the seeds out, how exciting!!

And it is also time to get more winter crops in!
IMG_6482 IMG_6481 IMG_6480IMG_6479IMG_6513IMG_6538

Have the frost cloth ready to go up at a moments notice now too. We have very high winds and many storms here, so we put it up on the night when it is still and clear and frosts are likely, and we take it down again in the morning:
IMG_6547  IMG_6546IMG_6549

Once again, wherever  you are and whatever you are growing, have a happy time doing it! Peace, from Suz

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14 thoughts on “This week in the garden:

    • Thank you! I actually accidentally pushed the publish key instead of the save draft key and it went to my blog before it was finished, lol. I have been in the garden all day and so will update it tomorrow with photos of the garden as well. 🙂

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    • They are Blue Shelling. I accidentally pushed the publish key instead of the save draft key and it got put on my blog before I was finished, lol. I will fix it tomorrow with all the rest of the details.

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    • Yes, absolutely. We have considered that many times. We were caught without a job and with no money to shop, so had to become self-sufficient out of necessity, although it had always been a dream to do that “one day”… we had just not intended to do it yet or with no money, but hey – it has made us much more inventive. We are now right into it, and would probably continue this way of life, whether or not we had to! lol 🙂


    • LOL. Oh yes it it for sure, but it is so satisfying! We have realized there are some things we will have to change when we get to that age, like having raised bed gardens rather than planting in the ground, things like that. But we are enjoying it so much. It is such a healthy lifestyle… but I am sure if we had not been in the situation where we needed to do it, it would have probably remained a dream forever, without ever becoming reality, so we are very thankful. I love being out and about in creation most of every day. 🙂

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