Making Plant Milks at home: (Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten Free/Dairy Free/Healthy)

Dairy free milk is so expensive to buy, and some of it is not very healthy. I have been trialling making these myself and have finally come up with some really yummy versions which are cheap and easy to make. (Cost in NZ$ to make this rice milk with the cashew cream, is around $1.70 for 2 Litres as opposed to paying $3-$4 in the shops for just 1 Litre!)

The easiest way to make coconut milk is from coconut powder. A place called My Bread Mix see:  for their website – they sell organic pure 100% coconut powder.

We put 150gms powder in a 1.5lt jug. First pour a little boiling water in the powder and mix until you get it all dissolved, then fill the rest up with cold water. Will keep in the fridge for at least a week.

The other way to make coconut milk, is by pouring 2 cups boiling water into 2 cups of dessicated coconut and sit for 2-3 hours, then strain the milk off. You can squeeze the coconut residue if you want to get the most milk out of it, and I find cheese cloth or muslin is good for this. Adjust quantities if necessary to make thinner/thicker. 🙂


100gms Organic Brown Rice (precooked)

1 tablespoon Raw Crushed Organic Sugar such as Jaggery, Panela, Rapadura, or (Coconut Nectar Syrup if sugar free)

1 pinch of salt (the best kind is Pink Himalayan Rock Salt)

4-5 drops of Pure Organic Vanilla Essence

2 Litres of Filtered Water

NOTE – if you want a savoury milk for something like mashed potatoes, just don’t add the vanilla and halve the sugar.

Depending on how big a blender you have, (or bowl – if you need to use a stick blender), you may need to make this in two lots. Mix all ingredients together and high power blend until smooth. Pour off the milk from the remaining rice grounds, preferably into a glass bottle or storage container. Will keep for up to a week in the fridge if kept sealed. Shake well before using.

Keep aside the left-over rice grounds, as re-blended with raw organic fruit (such as pear or apple), this makes a great dairy/gluten free meal for babies or even adults. Just re-blend, then stir while reheating until soft, then cool and serve.

If you do not have nut allergies, this extra addition to the above rice milk recipe will make it an even better texture and taste, although it will increase the cost slightly. Make up some cashew nut cream to add, as follows:

CASHEW CREAM (can also be done with almonds to make almond cream – just use 1/2 cup almonds instead)

1/2 cup cashews

1 cup filtered water

High Power blend together until smooth and creamy. Pour 1/2 cup of cashew cream into each 2L bottle of rice milk. Any left over cashew nut cream can have a pinch of organic salt (as above) added into it for sour use – this is an amazing replacement for sour cream or reduced cream, and if you want a slightly sweetened cream, put in 1 tsp. of some type of raw organic sugar (see above), and this is a great replacement for condensed milk or evaporated milk.

Freeze any unused portions of cashew cream in ice-cream cube trays for later use. although on defrosting, the solids may separate out a little. The raw cream will also keep in the fridge for 2-3 days.


If you do not have any soy allergies, and you are not worried about the hormonal effects of soy (ie: decreased fertility), this is another good dairy free milk to use, although it is not nearly as cheap as the above rice milk.

Thoroughly rinse 1 x 425gm tin of Ceres Organic Soy beans – 425gms (or soak and cook raw organic soy beans)

High power blend them very well with some filtered water, 1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan Pink Rock Salt & 2 teaspoons Jaggery or Panela (Coconut Sugar is also fine). Pour off the milk from the left over bean grounds and either save them for putting into a soup or vege stew or put them in the compost.

Then if you do not have nut allergies, put into the soy milk mixture, a 1/2 cup cashew cream (see recipe above), and make it up to 2L total with more filtered water.

Store soy milk in the fridge preferably in glass bottles or containers. Should last up to a week if kept sealed. Shake well before using.

NOTE: Uses for the left over grounds:

You can use your left over nut/seed and even rice grounds for making muesli bars. I will post up another recipe for these as soon as I have time. In the meantime, just freeze your left overs in anticipation!


As Almond skins are hard for the human body to digest, we use organic shelled almond meal. See note at the end of recipe if you want to use whole Almonds instead.

1/2 cup white almond meal
2 cups of filtered cold water

Heat up the almond meal in the cold water in a pot, until it starts to froth and then turn off. Leave to cool and the use a blender or stick whizz to process the mix for approximately 30 secs, twice.

Pour into glass bottle/s and store in the fridge for 3-4 days. Shake before use each time.


  1. You can use whole almonds if you want the skins, but first you will need to soak them in water for 4 hours then drain and rinse and then boil them water for 10mins, then food process until meal, and add to water. If doing it this way, you will need to sieve off the husks as you pour the mix into the glass bottles, as it leaves large pieces that make milk lumpy.
    2. You can also soak whole Almonds overnight, brush the skins off them all individually and then proceed with making them into meal and milk. This is a fiddly time consuming activity, but it is cheaper than using bought meal!

    **This same Almond Milk recipe can be used for any other Tree Nut milks – Hazelnut is another good one.

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