Last week in the garden – (sorry this is late, we have been away!)

Last week we headed away to visit our girl in another city for a bit, so we stripped the gardens of everything we could find that was vaguely edible – both to take with us, and so it would not spoil while we were away. We got a pretty good haul:
IMG_5997 IMG_6003IMG_5999 IMG_6001  IMG_6004 IMG_6005IMG_6016IMG_5996
– Huge bowl of Mixed Kale
– Handfuls of Collard Greens
– 2 Milan White Red Top Turnips
– Bowl of Baby Patty Pan Squash
– Bucketful of Maori Potatoes
– 1 Queensland Blue large pumpkin
– 1 Bowl ripe Tomatoes
–  Another bowl of nearly ripe Tomatoes (for pickles)
– Bunch of Baby Peas
– Pile of Green & Yellow Beans
– Bunches of Parsley
– 3rd Large Broccoli Head
– and one HUGE Strawberry!

What we couldn’t take with us to eat, we stored to use when we came back, or for us to have over winter.


Our Brassica’s, (Cabbage, Broccoli, Collards), we sliced up and put in the freezer. Same with the Peas & Beans.

We also made Vegie Stock and cooled that down, before putting it in the freezer as well.


The ripe lot of Tomatoes, we bottled all the Cherries after poking them with a knife and sprinkling over Sea Salt and Citric Acid (to help preserve them)…

… and the rest we ate for our breakfast, along with the Patty Pan Squash.

Meanwhile, in the gardens, things are starting to look like winter is approaching – as old things die off. But, the new plants I put in a few weeks ago, are growing well and the autumn season is even helping some of them do better:
IMG_5808 IMG_5807 IMG_5805   IMG_5802 IMG_5801 IMG_5800

The newest plants are also looking good, Giant Chioggia, Misome, Tat Soi and Carrots. Although the White Cabbage Butterflies are less than they were a week or two ago, they are still around, so I have left the insect netting over them:
IMG_5799 IMG_5798 IMG_5797 IMG_5796

The other thing I am excited about this week, is the Red Onions I picked a couple of weeks ago; they are finally dry enough to either pickle or hang in the “cool room” which is the laundry off the back of our house, as it is very cold!

If you are a gardener, someone who grows good food for your family or those who are living off the land, this is wishing you all the best for your garden in the coming week, no matter where you are or what you are growing there. 🙂  Suz

© 2014-2015: “Garden to Kitchen” with Suz – All content on this blog is Copyright.

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