Medicine from the backyard: make a free decongestant/throat soother to breathe and drink…

This does not happen very often to me. I am mostly REALLY healthy – now! But this morning, I woke up decidedly under the weather. Must have been something to do with not getting much sleep in the last week, while spending all my time getting books written on Starting Gardening and Fermenting Food. Loads of late nights and not such good eating – not usual at all.

In my research over the last few months, I had discovered that Thymol – the active ingredient in the herb Thyme, is the most powerful  natural antiseptic that has even been found. It is hugely helpful in treating colds, flu’s, sore throats, sinus etc.

I needed to get my sinuses cleared, as they were really painful. I had run out of Eucalyptus, so figured Mint would be a great alternative. It was! Peppermint would have been even better, but mine is still not picking size yet. So I used common Mint.

A quick look at my Herb Encyclopedia and it confirmed my suspicion. Thyme and Mint would be a great decongestant. So, outside to the “medicine patch” I went… armed with scissors and a bowl, in my pj’s! (I will not be posting a photo of that!!).

IMG_5718 IMG_5720

Using Mint and Thyme for colds, flu’s, sinus, cough’s, sore throats, congestion, etc:

Pick the herbs fresh as you can. Boil a jug of water. Chop the herbs up into little pieces just before you use them.

Get a large towel at the ready. Pour hot water over the herbs until they are covered. Immediately cover the bowl with the towel to keep the scent of the herbs in. As quick as possible, lift the towel and breathe in the vapors from the herbs through both the nose and throat, keeping the towel over the bowl and your head, to keep the vapor in front of you.
(similar to how your mum may have got you to use Eucalyptus in the past, but this is much nicer smelling and milder).

Try for a good 5-10 mins of breathing the vapors, with breaks in between to blow out your nose or clear your throat/lungs. Remember ever time you take your head out of the vapors, cover the bowl with the towel.

When you have finished breathing in the vapors, DO NOT THROW THE HERBS OR WATER OUT!!!

The next step will allow you to re-use what you have created to help your cold/flu/sore throat/sinus even more…



Next, pour the herbs and hot water mix into a strainer placed over a tea cup. Cover with something like a small plate or lid to keep the vapor in. Leave to sit for a couple of minutes. Then, drink while still hot. (you can add a sweetener if you need).

The Mint is refreshing and clearing and the Thyme will provide a strong antiseptic for your throat. Repeat as many times a day as you like, but breathe and drink at least 3 cups of this tea a day if you have cold/flu/sinus or sore throat symptoms.

And remember to plant heaps of Mint and Thyme in your garden if you want this healthy herbal tonic on hand. 🙂

NOTE: You really need to use fresh grown and just picked herbs for this. Dried will not work. Any type of Thyme is fine, as is any type of Mint, although Peppermint is the best one to use if you have it.

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