Healthy Tomato Soup – (Raw, Vegan, Organic, Gluten Free, Paleo)

What do you do with a bunch of red, ripe, organic tomatoes on a day when you are feeling under the weather? Make soup!

372  What will probably be our 2nd to last picking of tomatoes, as frost has sadly hit the vines

When I create a recipe, I am very careful what I put into it. I do not use ingredients for fun, I use them for good health! If you want to know what nutritional and medicinal benefits are in my recipes, the profile of ingredients is listed at the end:


600gms Organic Tomatoes, chopped in halves or quarters
3 cloves peeled Organic Garlic
1 red or brown Organic Onion
1 bunch of Organic Parsley
1 cup (250ml) Filtered Water
2 Tbsps. Organic Apple Cider with “Mother”
1 Tbsp. Organic Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses
2 tsps. Seaweed Flakes

optional additions:
2 stalks of Organic Celery
1/4 tsp. unrefined/unprocessed Sea Salt (like Pure Salt, Pink Himilayan Rock Salt)
1/2 tsp. Organic Cayenne Pepper Powder (or 1/4 whole Organic Cayenne Pepper/Chilli)
**Cayenne is a great body warmer as it increases circulation; it is also anti-inflammatory, relieves sore throats and coughs, settles ulcers, helps nausea, stimulates digestion, soothes diarrhea, supports natural detoxing, and more.

Put all tomatoes into a blender/blitzer or container you can use a whizz stick with and blend well. Pour into pot.
Put all other ingredients into the blender/blitzer etc., and blend well, also.
Mix both lots of ingredients.

In summer, serve chilled as a cooling soup.
In winter, serve warmed – but only to 50-70C tops (cooking over this temperature kills nutrients in your food). Do not boil!

IMG_5693 IMG_5691 IMG_5694

Main Ingredients – Nutritional breakdown

– rich in lycopene (has anti-cancer properties)
– alpha-lipoic acid
– lutein
– choline
– biotin
– molybdenum
– potassium
– iron
– folic acid
– beta-carotene
– Vitamins A, C & K
– reduces cholesterol

– selenium
– manganese
– calcium
– copper
– potassium
– phosphorus
– iron
– Vitamins B1, B6 & C
– fibre
– immune booster
– reduces blood pressure

– chromium
– quercetin (helps with preventing cancer)
– potassium
– iron
– folic acid
– Vitamins A, B6, C & E
– sulphur compounds, when raw
– fibre

– folic acid
– iron
– carotene
– copper
– manganese
– Vitamins A, B12, C & K
– reduces blood pressure
– anti-inflammatory
– the essential oils are cancer preventatives
– fibre
(**note: those with existing kidney or gall stones should restrict their parsley intact)

– potassium
– amino acids
– antioxidants
– proteins
– enzymes
– friendly bacteria
– acetic acid
– lowers blood sugar

– calcium
– copper
– iron
– magnesium
– manganese
– potassium
– selenuim

SEAWEED FLAKES (the amount of nutrition will alter depending on type – but all are extremely beneficial)
– protein
– calcium
– iron
– iodine
– sodium
– phosphorous
– magnesium
– Vitamins A, B1, C & E
– fibre

– folate
– potassium
– molybdenum
– flavonoids
– antioxidants, especially when raw or lightly steamed
– Vitamin K
– anti-inflammatory
– fibre

© 2014-2015: “Garden to Kitchen” with Suz – All content on this blog is Copyright.


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